Quinetta Latham is one of today’s most  impactful and energetic influencers.  Her messages are relevant and her storytelling allows her to break through emotional barriers to connect with her audiences on an intimate level.  She seeks to inspire and ignite the flames of Purpose and Destiny within all those she meets. Quinetta has ministered to thousands of men, women, youth, and inmates all across the country, equipping them with life skills, leadership principles, and strategies to break barriers and emerge as influential leaders. Whether it’s in the pulpit, the prison, or the parking lot, she is determined to be a voice of hope and champion for change. Her sermons, workshops and conferences are designed to shift your mindset, propelling you to live with lasting purpose and infinite possibility.




Quinetta’s Newest Workshop

The Woman In The Mirror: Grit, Grace and Growth is the title of Quinetta’s most recent workshop. This workshop is  designed to counteract the worldly pressures on women and young ladies to conform to social media narratives. Women that have attended this workshop are already leaping with JOY and thanking God for an abrupt change and renewed season of living 100% authentic and free. Discovering her purpose has proven to be foundational for honing Quinetta’s spirit of positive influence.

Here's a list of additional keynotes and workshops:

The Power To Be Unapologetically & Authentically You
Stop Settling for Safe
Let’s Be Clear: You Are Enough 

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