Working Out Is My Happy Hour

I am not a workout guru, but I am a fitness enthusiast. Working out is more than just physical activity for me, it’s my personal Happy Hour. 

I started my fitness journey because I wanted to look good and feel GREAT!  My journey to becoming the best version of myself both physically and mentally is not attached to a singular goal.   Active living is a lifelong commitment filled with unique, short term goals that are adjustable and attainable. I’ve been honored to inspire women and across the world to stop making excuses and start making changes.  I am proud to motivate individuals to move and make better lifelong commitments to their health through wellness workshops, workout videos and fitness accountability coaching sessions.

Faith & Fitness

 As a woman of Faith who loves Fitness, I decided to combine the two.  In 2017, I launched Divine Diva Inspiration Sport – Where Faith & Fitness Collide.  My goal was to launch a line that was meaningful, implementing scriptures and faith-based designs that spark excitement, joy, and faith on the journey towards living free and fearless.   The athletic line features workout tops and leggings in addition to everyday athleisure attire.  The activewear is functional, unique, and comfortable.  I am excited to announce that Divine Diva Inspiration has  partnered with some amazing fitness gurus and amabassadors to create a special collection that will launch this Summer.  Stay tuned for more details and an opportunity to join our team of brand ambassadors.  Click the link to shop our fabulous line of activewear.

I am excited to announce that we are on the heels of a new release. The next phase of Divine Diva Inspiration Sport will be bigger, better and more impactful. Stay tuned for more details and opportunities to join our team of brand ambassadors.

If You’re Ready, I’m Ready

I want to see you living a life of freedom, independence and wellness. This type of living is only accessible when you make a commitment to invest in yourself. It’s time to take your personal power back by developing the confidence and knowledge you need to design the life you deserve. If you’re ready, I’m ready! Let’s Work!

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