I believe that is important to embrace everyone I meet with the Love of Christ. I believe that compassion, empathy, and kindness are necessary when seeking to build relationships with others. My love for people and community stems from strong family principles. These guiding principles are rooted in scripture. My faith and family are my lifelines. I am a Licensed Minister and Certified Life Coach, but I am most proud to be called mother and wife. I am joyfully married to my high school love Albert “Treb” Latham and together we have two amazing kiddos Tre and Maria. My friends and community are my guiding lights. I pray that wherever life leads me, I’m always given the opportunity to embrace people with a spirit of grace, humility, love, and positive vibes.


I am affectionately known as a “Pillar of Encouragement” by my family, friends, mentees, and community co-laborers. As the Founder of Divine Diva Inspiration and the Denim & Destiny Empowerment Conference, I cultivate safe spaces for individuals to become catalysts for change. My goal is to continue to open doors that create opportunities to embrace and empower those that are stuck, struggling and seeking to discover their life’s purpose. As a Business Strategist, I empower dreamers to overcome their fears so they can share their gifts, talents, and services with the world. As the reigning Mrs. Black International Ambassador, I empower women across the globe to power past their comfort zones and leap into new seasons.  My belief is that we are all given a specific purpose and divine mission to fulfill here on earth.  It is therefore our duty to discover our purpose, living boldly and unapologetically.


Embrace. Empower. Equip. These three words describe how I impact lives openly and willingly. I absolutely love seeing others WIN! It gives me great JOY when I can assist in the growth of another being. Time is valuable, which is why I always strive to create the greatest impact during my time with Dreamers. I don’t believe in just setting goals, I believe in Goal Setting with Clarity. I equip my clients with steps, strategies, tools, and targets that help them meet and exceed their personal and professional goals. Together, we assess their vision, align with their purpose, and take actionable steps towards maximizing their potential. You have purpose, and I believe in you… now let’s work!

Fierce. Fine. Fun.
Mommy & Wife

There is nothing more fulfilling than the journey of motherhood. I am so grateful to be Mommy to two of the most amazing kiddos, Trè and Maria. They have taught me so much as a mom, and I’m forever appreciative of our growing bonds.

Marriage is a blessing from God. It’s a beautiful opportunity to write a love story that captures the essence of you and your spouse. My husband Albert is the most amazing man. He’s an incredible father, a provider, and a supporter. He’s the Rock to my Roll, and he knows how to make my SOUL SMILE! Our marriage is my happy place!

Cheers to all the dope mommies and daddies all across the world raising beautiful and brilliant gamechangers. Blessings to all those that have committed to the love of your life. May your love story be everything YOU want it to be and More!

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