Mrs. Black International Ambassador Legacy Queen

Destined Moments

I believe that there are destined moments in time when we can feel the power of God and experience His hands moving in our lives.   I felt God’s hands shift my life’s journey when I was crowned the Inaugural Mrs. Black International Ambassador.  This unique blessing has allowed me the opportunity to continue to fulfill my life’s calling while carrying out the promises of my platform to Embrace, Empower & Equip Women to Walk Boldly in their Divine Destiny while focusing on Faith, Family & Fitness.  

I will forever cherish the unforgettable opportunity to share a moment of empowerment as a featured guest speaker at the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundations Girls Who Change the World Event. I built a phenomenal connection with so many women and teens in Nassau, Bahamas. I am looking forward to the time when I can travel back to do more work and create more significant change.

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Beyond The Crown

As Mrs. Black International Ambassador, I knew that my crown and sash symbolized my vision to see other women reign victoriously in their own lives as mothers, wives, bosses, and world-changers.  I jump-started my reign traveling across the country, embracing women with the love of God as a transformational speaker and using my platform to empower women to live happier and healthier lives through my fitness accountability and wellness programs.   I am grateful for the opened doors that have allowed me the privilege to equip women with the strategies and lessons that are vital for purpose discovery, breaking down barriers, and living unapologetically free.  I grew spiritually, mentally, socially, and intellectually in profound ways as a Queen. The time has come for me to move beyond the crown. I am forever grateful for my journey with MBIA; now, the legacy continues.

I will continue to create safe spaces where women can be encouraged and inspired to change.

I will continue to build programs that challenge women to reach their highest potential.

I will continue to advocate for what’s right and fight for justice.

I will continue to leave a legacy of peace, hope, faith, and fortitude in the hearts of all those I encounter.

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The Legacy Continues…

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