Mrs. Black International Ambassador

There are pageants and then there is the Miss Black International Pageant

The Miss Black International Pageant

It is a program of Ambassadors of Change, which exists to give a once in a lifetime opportunity to black women globally.  As Ambassadors of Change, each woman embarks on the journey to encourage, empower, and enlighten communities, states, and nations.  In October 2019, Quinetta was crowned the Inaugural Mrs. Black International Ambassador 2020.

As the reigning Queen, Quinetta’s journey has been focused on three Passion Principles: FAITH... FAMILY... FITNESS.

Her passion projects are geared towards spiritual wellness and equipping women to exercise their Faith over their Fears. She is a firm believer that Family (however one chooses to define) is important and vital to an individual’s personal evolution.  She’s a fitness enthusiast and utilizes her social media platform to focus on promoting healthy lifestyles through workout videos, cooking tips, spiritual growth tools, and inspirational activewear.  Quinetta works heavily in her community and hosts several events throughout the year to help build women’s faith muscles.  Moving forward, Quinetta’s plans are to partner with women and organizations globally, while bringing light and inspiration to those with a desire to live Fearless, Faithful, and Fit lives.   

During my reign, I plan to continue empowering women, pushing them to walk boldly in their divine purpose...

Quinetta Latham
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